Device for current, voltage and resistance measurement
With Bakelite case and cardboard scale (0-50 and 0-75) with a mirror scale under a glass window. The pointer has jewel bearing. Made by German firm P. Gossen & Co., Erlangen, Bayern.
The meter was marketed in The Netherlands by Ch. Velthuisen in The Hague. The brass clip on the measurement button is probably an addition of this importer. The measurement button is always in measuring mode. Without this clip, it is also possible to do a secure measurement with the button half-pressed.
These meters were made from 1928 until the 30s of the last century.
With the meter came a number of measuring resistances, so that the meter can be adapted to the value that has to be measured. These resistances can be fixed under the bottom terminals of the meter. Reading takes place by multiplying the value on the meter by a constant that corresponds to the measuring resistance.
Various fittings were made for this meter. For example the Maweco-Zusatz for measuring alternating current. There is also a module with several built-in measuring resistances, which can be chosen by a button.
Serial number: none
Dimensions (w x h x d): 9 x 13 x 4 cm
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2013
User manual (German)

A number of measuring resistors and shunts
Advertisement of Radio Inrichting Ch. Velthuisen in Radio Expres, October 5th, 1928

Advertisement in German magazine "Radio Amateur", February 1930

Leaflet describing the Gossen Mavometer

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