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8 Transistor portable radio
Transistor radio in black nylon* housing with gold accents. Equipped with metal carrying handle, which can also be used as standard. This model was made in many different colors and designs in the period 1955-1965. The first models were equipped with 7 transistors; later models have an extra IF-stage. Receives on medium wave. A connection for an earphone is provided in the right-hand side. The tuning knob has fine tuning.
The 500E was made in the colors ebony, off-white, brick-red and maroon. The nickname of the device is "Owl Eyes".
The full model number is R500YE1. The intermediate frequency is 455 kHz. The loudspeaker has a diameter of 7 cm.
The letters "CD" can be seen on the tuning knob in two positions. CD stands for Civil Defense and this still remind us of the Cold War. They indicate the wavelengths on which US radio stations would broadcast in the event of a Russian military attack. The frequencies 640 and 1240 kHz were specially designated by the United States Civil Defense Administration in the period 1953-1963.
The original price was $75, later the price was reduced to $59.99 due to the large influx of cheap Japanese transistor radios.
Zenith used Zytel® nylon developed by the American company DuPont, a thermoplastic polyamide that is very strong and wear-resistant.
Data                                                                                Transistors
Serial number Z470303, Chassis 8KT40Z2 2N406 (driver)
Dimensions  (w×h×d) 8.9 × 14.6 × 3.8 cm 2N1524 (osc)
Made in 1959 2N1632 (RF)
Purchased in 2018 2B1625 (mixer)
Voltages 4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries 2N1624 (1st IF)
Weight 454 g 2N1624 (2nd IF)
    2N408 (2 x output)
    103-19/103-44 (det.)



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