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Three valve refex receiver
In dark brown bakelite with cream white plastic around loudspeaker and scale and cream white knurled knobs with gold coloured centres. The scale is illuminated from above. The on/off/volume knob is on the left, the knob on the right is used for tuning. The radio is cheaply made and uses a reflex circuit. In this circuitry the hf valve is used twice. The R822 only receives medium wave stations. Tihany is the name of a peninsula in Lake Balaton.
Serial number sticker missing
Dimensions (w×h×d): 26 × 18,5 × 14,5 cm
Made in: 1957-1959
Purchased in: 2010
Voltages: 110 and 220 v ~
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What was broadcast in 1957?


Listen to "Ha tudnék szeretni" sung by Erzsi Kovács with the MHV Dance Orchestra, recorded in 1957

There are two antenna connections: left "without filter", right "with filter". Text on the sticker: "The mains plug has to be removed from the socket before removing the back panel. Touching the chassis can be hazardous. The radio must be protected from moisture!"
A slide strip below the antenna connections can be used to switch on a rejection filter.
Top view of the chassis
Bottom view of the chassis
Font page of the user manual

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