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Miniature "Boys radio" crystal receiver
Red plastic cabinet. For medium wave reception. The radios look exactly like a "real" one, complete with tuning knob and a scale with a pointer. The receiver has a small earphone and two connecting wires with clamps for antenna and earth. The celluloid window in front of the dial does not fit anymore because it has shrunk.
The crystal was worn and had to be replaced by a new piece of galenite.
Serial number:  
Dimensions (whd): 8 x 5.5 x 4 cm
Made in: 1948
Purchased in: 2012

What was broadcast in 1948?


Listen to "My Happiness" by The Pied Pipers, recorded in 1948*

*) During a nearly year-long union strike, new vocal recordings for commercial release could be produced only as a cappella (all vocal, no instruments) or using such lesser, "union-approved" tools as harmonicas, ukuleles and toy xylophones.
The radio with wires for antenna /earth and earphone
Advertisement in Popular Science, May 1948
A look inside
A coil is wrapped around a rectangular piece of folded cardboard. A clamping bracket holds the prefixed crystal diode inside the coil. The tuning knob is used as a sliding contact on the windings of the coil.

The heart of the receiver: a prefixed crystal diode

Cardboard store display with two Tiny-mite radios
Guarantee leaflet

Original box
The first owner was Barbara Ann Kelly from Repton, Alabama

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