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Portable battery receiver
In wooden cabinet covered with Rexine and leatherette handle. For medium wave reception (185-555 meters).
The knobs on the front: left, on/off/volume, right, tuning. The radio is equipped with a ferrite antenna. The speaker has a diameter of 10 cm. A mains module (255) can be clicked under the radio, it is switchable for 110, 127 and 220 volts. The price of this module was Fl 35, -.
The original price of the portable was Fl 99.50. It was introduced at the Firato Fair in the Autumn of 1955. It was produced in several colors. In 1958, 500 receivers were offered for sale as a construction kit at Valkenberg in Amsterdam for Fl 49.50. The power module was sold for Fl 12.50.
Parts of the receiver were manufactured for Thermion in England by the Weymouth Radio Manufacturing Company Ltd., Crescent Works, Weymouth, Dorset. This factory manufactured radio parts and modules under the brand name "Weyrad". About 1000 receivers were made. The radio was originally equipped with German Bentron battery tubes.
Data Valves
Serial number 1113
Click on a valve for more information

Mains module 522 1142
Dimensions (hwd) 21 15 8.5 cm
Made in 1955
Purchased in 2020
Voltages: 1,5 / 67,5 volt
Weight: 1,5 kg (incl. batteries)

What was broadcast in 1955?


Listen to "Joy Spring" by Clifford Brown, piano and Max Roach, drums, recorded in 1955

Chassis front view
Chassis back view
Chassis top view
Advertising leaflet
Advertisement in Radio Electronica, October 1955 Advertisement in Techniek en Hobby, July 1958

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