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Apparatenfabriek Thermion N.V., Hugo de Grootstraat 25, Nijmegen was founded in 1931 as a (radio) lamp factory.
Brands include Longlife, Valento and Megatron (radios are also made under this brand name). Thermion itself mainly sells DIY kits, such as the Thermion 25 Watt amplifier from 1933, the Thermion Superhet (1933) and the Thermion Dreadnought 5 (1935).
In 1940 the company moves to the new factory in Lent. During the war, the company makes lamps for the German Wehrmacht, The P4000, NF2 and NF7, for example.
In 1955 Thermion sells a portable radio, the Escorto. This radio is partly made in England. Hoover washing machines are also assembled, camping gear is made and military equipment is overhauled.
The company officially closed in 1958. The factory had already been sold to Philips shortly before; staff are taken over. The factory became the Philips location Lent. The company started working for the main industry group Elcoma and manufactures semiconductors.
In 1984 production is transferred to Nijmegen and the factory closes.



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