Superheterodyne portable tube radio
Made of cream and dark brown plastic with a gold metal strip on the sides and the carrying handle. For medium wave reception (188-571 meters). The radio was produced in the period 1957-1958.
Five tuned circuits. Intermediate frequency: 468 kHz.
The radio uses a 1.5 volts D-battery and a 67.5 volts anode battery. The receiver is very economical: the anode current is 10 mA, the filament current is 140 mA. The radio can also be used on 120 or 220 volts AC. In that case, the anode battery has to be replaced by an AC adaptor (2PN89002). The battery for the filament current has to be replaced by an electrolytic capacitor.
The loudspeaker has a diameter of 95 mm. the impedance of the voice coil is 4 ohms.
Serial nummber: 475643 chassis: 545454
Dimensions (whd): 26.2 16 7.1 cm
Made in: 1957
Purchased in: 2013
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Circuit1, Circuit2

What was broadcast in 1957?


Listen to "Mister Rock a Mister Roll" sung by Jiř Such and the orchestra of Ferdinand Havlik, recorded in 1957.

Chassis (back)
Chassis (front)
Advertising for the Tesla 3001 Minor on a matchbox Picture of the radio in a leaflet

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