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Superheterodyne receiver
In veneered wooden cabinet with white plastic knobs, two rounded wooden ornaments on the sides and a white border around the speaker and the wavelength scale. The large glass wavelength scale is lit by four scale lamps at every corner. In the middle of the front there are two semicircular brass profiles and a brass rim around the tuning indicator. For medium wave, long wave and short wave reception.
The knobs from left to right: tone control, on/off/volume, tuning, wave length switch.
The chassis for this brand were probably made by Belgian radio factory Barco.
Data   Valves  
Serial number: 8029    
Dimensions (whd): 65 34.25 28 cm
Made in: 1952 (stamp on the loudspeaker) Click on a valve for more information
Given to me in: 2013
Sold in: 2020  

What was broadcast in 1952?


Listen to "Zie ik de lichtjes van de Schelde" ("When I see the lights of the river Schelde")", sung by Bobbejaan Schoepen, recorded in 1952


Top view of the chassis

Bottom view of the chassis

The Telfa Rubis with tuning indicator and scale lamps.

Radios and a radio-gramophone at an exhibition. A Telfa Rubis is visible on the left, behind the plants.

Lighted scale

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