Three circuit TRF AC receiver with feedback.
In bakelite cabinet with a metal back panel. The central ornament has a snap connection. After removal, detachable tags with station names can be clicked on the scale and the scale lamp can easily be replaced.
The knobs from left to right: volume control by means of inductive coupling, tuning, feedback.
This three circuit trf receiver has three tuning capacitors (plus the coupling capacitor for the antenna) on one axle. Two levers are used to correct the synchronisation of these capacitors.
With the upper lever, the fixed plates of the condenser for the second tuned circuit are rotated; the lower lever does the same for the fixed plates of the capacitor of the first tuned circuit and the antenna coupler.
Data Valves
Serial number: BP 1646
Dimensions (whd): 40 25 18 cm
Made in: 1931
Purchased in: 2004
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What was broadcast in 1931?


Listen to "Ich sitz den ganzen Tag an meinem Radio" played by Tanzorchester Paul Godwin, sung by Willy Rosen.

The chassis
Tags with station names can be clicked on the scale

Telefunken poster for the 340W

<- The scale with detachable station names








The recommended loudspeaker: the Arcophon ->

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