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Small portable battery receiver with subminiature tubes
The tuning knob extends through a green plastic case, on which a primitive scale in the form of a number of bars has been applied.
The receiver, the batteries and a ferrite antenna are placed in three separate compartments.
The TRF radio is equipped with three subminiature valves, made by Hivac. The power is provided by two batteries: a 22.5 volts battery for the anode voltage, and a 1.5 volts penlight battery for the filament. The energy consumption is very low: 0.25 mA.
The small device receives only on medium wave (200-550 meters) and can be listened to with an earphone.
Many components, such as the valves, the anode battery and earphone were also used in hearing aids.
The little radio was designed by an engineer in Haarlem. In 1955 it was introduced in the Netherlands by "Tecla Radio Industry and Trading Company", Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 314, Amsterdam. The radio was also shown at the Jaarbeurs Trade Fair in September and at the electronics fair Firato in October. A brief message appeared in the October issue of Radio Bulletin.
The certificate of guarantee shows the purchase date May 31, 1955. The original price was f 89.50.
Serial number: 01327
Dimensions (whd): 10,5 7,2 2,3 cm
Made in: 1955
Purchased in: 2014
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What was broadcast in 1955?


Listen to "Only You", sung by The Platters, recorded in 1955

The radio without its case
The chassis with the three Hivac valves
Under-chassis view
Advertisement in De Telegraaf, May 7, 1955
Article in De Telegraaf, April 1955
Article in Radio Bulletin, October 1955
Article in the Leeuwarder Courant, May 18, 1955 (right)

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