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Superheterodyne receiver
In light and dark brown metal cabinet with curved gold and cream colored polystyrene ornaments and two curved glass tuning scales. The radio is nicknamed "butterfly". The large wavelength scales are illuminated by four scale lamps (6.3V, 0.3A). A tuning indicator is situated between the knobs.
The knobs from left to right: tone control in four steps, on/off/volume control, tuning and wave length switch with the positions PO, GO, OC, BE1, BE2 and PU.
A connection for antenna and earth are situated at the back, as well as a connection for a gramophone and an extra loudspeaker.
There a several versions: with and without mirror scale and with an EZ80 or a GZ41 rectifier. Colours: green and brown.
The original price was 29.000 FFr. In The Netherlands the radio was imported by Ingenieursbureau Connector. The price was f 425,-
Data   Valves
Serial number: 6255
Dimensions (whd): 57 38 26 cm
Made in: 1953
Purchased in: 2017
Sold in: 2022
Power consumption: 75 Watt Click on a valve for more information
Weight: 15 kg
Intermediate frequency: 455 kHz
Voltages: 110 and 220 v ~ Circuit1 Circuit2
Wave ranges: PO  medium wave (187-577 meters)  
GO  long wave (1000-2000 meters)
OC  short wave (16,6-51 meters)
BE1 spread short wave (23-32 meters)
BE2 spread short wave (46-52 meters)
Loudspeaker Audax, 19 cm  

What was broadcast in 1953?


Listen to "All the things you are" by Franck Pourcel (ts) and Guy Laffite and his orchestra. Recorded in 1953

Back with back panel removed

Chassis front view
Chassis, top view

Under-chassis view
The Excelsior 55 by night
Advertisement for the Excelsior 55 in Radiowereld, March 19, 1953

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