Portable battery radio
made of creamy white plastic, which can also be used on the mains. Adjustable voltages: 110, 125 and 220 volts. The station scale (also loudspeaker grille) is made ​​of transparent polystyrene. The lower compartment has room for two (rechargeable) 67.5 V batteries and two D batteries for the filament. Below the Philips logo is a window with a small tuning indicator.
The superheterodyne radio (6 circuits, MF: 445 kHz) has a HF pre-amplifier and is therefore very sensitive.
The knobs from left to right: load anode batteries/ battery power/AC power/off, volume control, tuning, wave length switch.
The radio has three bands: long wave (770 to 2000 meters), medium wave (188 to 580 meters) and short wave (19.2 to 51.7 meters) The radio has multiple antennas. In the detachable rear wall it has a frame antenna which is connected to the radio by means of a two-pin connector. This antenna is used for medium wave reception. The folding loop antenna (pictured right) is used for receiving short wave. An internal ferrite antenna is used for reception on long wave.
The radio was made by Philips France and could be obtained in several colours.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 12.346
Dimensions: 26 x 24.6 x 12.3 cm
Made in: 1954
Purchased in: 2014
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What was broadcast in 1954?


Listen to "Half Nelson" by the Sacha Distel Quintet, Sacha Distel (g), Hubert Fol (as), René Urtreger (p), Pierre Michelot (b), Baptiste "Mac Kac" Reilles (d), recorded in Paris, May 1954

The back with the back panel removed
Power cord and /or batteries can be stored behind the cardboard flap.
Rear panel with built-in antenna with 2-pin connector (right)

Advertisement for the LF449AB

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