TRF receiver
The first Philips radio, made in the N.S.F. factories in Hilversum. The technical design of the receiver is by ir. J.J. Numans; it is the first radio equipped with a penthode.
The design of this radio is, like that of the later receiver 2514, by ir. Louis Kalff, who also designed the Philips disc loudspeakers. The style is "Nieuwe Zakelijkheid" or "New Realism", a modern design, that was not to everybody's taste. A small cabinet was made by the Brandsteder furniture workshop in Amsterdam, specially for this set. In this cabinet the 2501 (or the 2502) could be placed, as well as the battery eliminator. It is shown here.
The wave ranges are 200-400, 300-600 and 1000-2000 meters. The built-in 2503 power supply unit works on 220 Volts in this radio. The radio also requires the Philips battery eliminator 372.

The radio was on display in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven from June 9th, 2012 until November 11th, 2012, as part of an exhibition about the period 1924-1929.
The Philips 2501, a Brandsteder radio cabinet and a Philips 2003 loudspeaker at the exhibition, June 15th, 2012
Data Valves  


Serial number: 23953
Dimensions (whd): 31 19 13 cm
Made in: 1927
Purchased in: 2005
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What does it sound like?


Listen to a short sound clip of a Radio 10 Gold broadcast.

Side view (the 2503 power supply unit's cover still has to be placed)
The connecting cords between the 2501 and the battery eliminator 373 have aluminium tags.
Advertisement for the 2501, made in 1927 by Matthieu Clement Advertisement for the 2501 by Wladimir Bielkine, 1927
 From a Philips product folder, 1927

An unopened box containing a French F215 with the original seals still intact French advertisement for the Philips 2501 and 2501 by Matthieu Clement

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