Superheterodyne AC/DC receiver
In dark brown Bakelite cabinet with white trim. The controls are on the sides. On the left side is the power switch with volume control; on the right side the tuning knob and wavelength switch. This is a 208U-08.
With medium wave (196-570 meters), long wave (750-1910 meters) and short wave (16,5-51 meters). The intermediate frequency is 452 kHz.
The scale is illuminated from above. The scale lamp is a Philips 8095, 19 volts, 90 mA, with an NTC-resistor parallel. The luidspeaker is a Philips 9712.
An antenna can be connected at the back. The metal back panel is also a plate antenna.
The original price was Fl 135,-.
Serial number: E210476 E00 Chassis: 189377
Dimensions (w h d): 24.5 17 14 cm
Made in: 1946
Purchased in: 2015
Weight: 3,9 kg
Voltages: 125, 220 volt ~ and -
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What was broadcast in 1946?


Listen to "Eens zal de Betuwe in bloei weer staan" by the Metropole Orchestra, leader Dolf van der Linden, sung by Netty van Doorn (pseudonym of announcer Netty Rosenfeld), recorded in 1946


Back with back panel removed
Under-chassis view

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