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Four valve TRF battery receiver
In varnished walnut cabinet with hinged lid. Made by Gérard Péricaud, Paris. This is the first Péricaud model with internal tubes. Valves: detector, h.f. valve and 2 l.f. valves. The filament rheostat (8 ohms) is not suitable for bright emitters. The radio plays well with dull emitters, in this case Spheria valves (A406 compatible). All voltages, the antenna, a frame antenna, headphones and loudspeaker can be connected at the front.
Data Valves
Serial number: B243
Dimensions (w×h×d): 24 × 51,5 × 21  cm
Made in: 1924
Purchased in: 2006
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What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Marquita" from the show "Bonjour Paris", sung by the French singer Saint Granier with orchestra, recorded in the Paris Casino, November 1924

Inside, top view
On the left the variometer with its white and blue coloured capacitor, below the variometer, antenna tuning (with fine tuning). In front of the tubes are the wavelength switch and a position switch for variometer or antenna tuning. On the right a selector switch for the feedback coil with underneath it the control knob for the feedback coil. Behind the four tubes from left to right, grid leak resistance, inductor and grid leak capacitor. The knob in the middle operates the filament rheostat.

 The  knobs all have the initials

 G.P. (Gérard Péricaud)

Chassis, bottom view
Chassis side view
The Spheria valves are clearly visible when it is dark
The radio together with a Gaumont Lumière loudspeaker

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