Nebat 4-valve receiver
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Four valve battery receiver
Piano model in a mahogany cabinet with ebonite on the top and front. It is a 1-1-2 receiver with resistance coupling. The external design is strongly reminiscent of Ducretet.
The knobs and terminals from top to bottom and from left to right: switch tube 2/tube 3-4, switch tube 2/3/4, switch tube 3-4. Below: filament resistance and feedback. Left: loudspeaker connection. On the top of the lower half: wavelength switch. Bottom half: antenna jack, primary tuning, secondary tuning, ground. Bottom: series-parallel switch. In the left side is also a wavelength switch.
The originsl price was fl 155,-.
Data Valves  
Serial number: none
Dimensions (hwd): 33  26  19.5  cm
Made in: 1926
Purchased in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1926?


Listen to "For you", by the orchestra of Percival Mackey, recorded June 3,1926  

Side view

At the bottom there is room for the grid bias battery
Advertisement in the KRO radio guide of January 22, 1926

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