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Radio Technisch Handelsbureau "Nebat" was founded on May 1, 1924. The business address is Jacob Ruysdaelstraat 99 bis, Utrecht. Later the address is Maliebaan 33, after that Mengelberglaan 70. After the war, this street was called the Wolter Heukelslaan, after a resistance fighter, shot in 1945.

Owner is Johannes Wilhelmus van Attekum (1897-1984), partner is Marinus Nebbeling.
The company name "Nebat" is a contraction of the surnames of the two partners; Nebbeling and Attekum.
Various radio models are made in the period 1925-1926. Three, four, five and six lamp receivers are advertised. The company supplies exclusively to the trade.
Probably due to disappointing results, Nebat stops its activities on October 1, 1927. In September of that year, the trading stocks are sold.
Advertisement for the six-lamp superheterodyne Modulator receiver in the KRO radio guide of April 16, 1926

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