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Superheterodyne transistor radio
Canvas on wood cabinet in two colours: lavender blue and creme white. Gold coloured grill. With medium wave, short wave and long wave. Switchable antenna input for use in a car. Connection for earphones. Power source: 9 Volts (2 4.5 Volts batteries). The model name is not known. Six transistors: RCA 2N370, Thomson 36T1 (2 x), Thomson 965T1, Thomson 941T1 (2 x). The date of the radio is based on the year code (1A) on the RCA transistor.

The radio was made by Radialva. It looks very similar to the Transclub portable made in 1959 (picture on the right).
Serial number 470291

Dimensions (hwd) 17 27.5 8.5 cm
Made in 1961
Purchased in 2009
Sold in: 2022

What was broadcast in 1961?


Listen to "Une boum chez John" by Johnny Hallyday, recorded in 1961

Top: built-in antenna, lower left corner: battery pack with two 4,5 volts batteries. Transistors by RCA and Thomson; the loudspeaker (2,5 ohms, diameter 12 cm) is made by Audax.

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