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Four-valve suitcase portable receiver
In black leather-clad suitcase with a 5 inch moving coil loudspeaker and frame antenna in the lid.
Beneath the loudspeaker, the radio has provision for an external aerial and earth (right) and headphones (left).
In the rear compartment, the 2-volt battery and 126 volt anode battery are accommodated; in the middle section, beneath the aluminum strip, are the valves.
The knobs from left to right: "Reaction/Sensitivity", "Short/Long", tuning, "Adjust", fine tuning with a lever which varies the position of the stator of the tuning condenser in relation to the rotor, and "Volume/Selectivity", a gain control potentiometer which varies the grid bias applied.
Wave bands: medium wave (190 - 560 meters) and long wave (850-1900 meters).
The receiver's design dates from 1932 and was brought up-to-date every year. The TMC model,with moving coil loudspeaker, was introduced at the London Olympia Radio Show in August 1933. This model, with the gain control for the grid bias, dates from 1934.
The original price was 15.15.0
Data Valves Circuit
Serial number: 108407
Dimensions (w h d): 38.5 22 39 cm
Made in: 1934
Purchased in: 2016
Weight: 13 kg
Voltages: 2 /126 volts
Circuit1  Circuit 2

What was broadcast in 1934?


Listen to "Keep Tempo" by the orchestra of George "Scott" Wood, vocal by Sam Browne, recorded March 23, 1934

Top view
Advertisement for the radio, 1935

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