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Small crystal receiver with slide coil
On a mahogany wooden board with porcelain feet. The receiver is probably named after the first Belgian radio station "Radio Bruxelles" that began its broadcasts on November 24, 1923 on 420 meters. On January 1, 1924 the name was changed to "Radio Belgique".
Advertisement in "La Nation Belge", November 18, 1923
The antenna and the ground can be connected on the right (A and T); on the left the headphones (E). The crystal is in the middle.
Three models were made: a simple one, a model with a mahogany base and a luxury version in a cabinet and with a branched coil.
The receiver is especially suitable for medium wave reception. There is also a "Tour Eiffel" model for long wave reception.
Part of an ad from 1924
Serial number: none
Dimensions (w×h×d): 18 x 17.5 x 12 cm
Made in: 1924
Purchased in: 2019


What was broadcast in 1924?


Llsten to "On the Nile" by the Belgian/French Billy Max Orchestra, leader Charles Van der Stichlen, recorded in Parijs in 1924

Front view

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