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Crystal receiver with slide coil
In metal housing. The first series were made of black painted copper, later receivers were made of a different metal. The top is Bakelite. With the help of the crystal and two nickel-plated sliding levers on the front and rear (Antenna and Detector) the device can be tuned. Reception on medium wave.
The range was between 30 and 60 km, when using a long antenna. To receive maritime transmissions, a maximum range of 195 to 975 km was specified, depending on the height of the antenna used and the strength of the transmitter.
A two-tube amplifier, the Federal Junior Amplifier No. 20, could be included some time later. This enabled playback using a loudspeaker and also further removed stations could be made audible.
In March 1922 the first ads for the Federal Jr. appeared.
The original price was $25, later reduced to $20.
Serial number:  
Dimensionsn (hbd): 21.6 22.4 x 15.2  cm
Made in: 1922
Purchased in: 2018

What was broadcast in 1922?


Listen to "Chicago" played by Baileys Lucky Seven, recorded in 1922

First advertisement in Radio News, March 1922 Advertisement in Radio Digest Illustrated August 26, 1922. In this ad the amplifier is also mentioned.

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