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Federal Telephone & Telegraph Co. started as Federal Telegraph, at the end of the 19th century. The company was based in Palo Alto, California. Federal began buying smaller telephone companies, including several on the east coast of America. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Century Telephone Construction Company, based in Buffalo, New York, was one of these smaller companies that merged with the Federal. In 1909, the name of Federal was changed to Federal Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Federal head office in Buffalo, New York in 1919

The headquarters of the company came to Buffalo, New York, as did a production facility that produced telephone, telegraph and radio equipment and was led by B.G. Hubbell.
FTC's chief engineer was Frederick Kolster, the inventor of the directional loop antenna. In the mid-twenties FTC built consumer radios under the brand name "Kolster". Federal used the brand name "Ortho-sonic".
Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company had close ties with FTC and all early Mackay maritime radio equipment was built by FTC. When Mackay was bought by ITT in 1928, it was not long before FTC was added to the growing list of companies owned or controlled by ITT. The purchase took place around 1931 and at the same time FTC moved to New Jersey. In New Jersey, FTC continued to build maritime radio equipment, mostly for Mackay Radio.
Around 1940, the name of Federal Telegraph Company was changed to Federal Telephone & Radio Corporation. Radio production for the consumer market continued until the beginning of the 1950s.

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