Superheterodyne receiver

Walnut veneered cabinet with black Bakelite rim around the illuminated station scale and black Bakelite knobs. The Bakelite rim shows the name "Erres Radio". The receiver has two wavebands: medium and long wave.

The radio has an octode mixer valve and a 6 watt power tube, automatic volume and fading control and a dynamic loudspeaker.
It has the same chassis as the Erres KY142. The KY142 has a neon indicator tube and has a higher cabinet.
On the back of the chassis, the serial number 4112, and the type number 144 are stamped in black ink. The left coil holder has a "Licence SMR-SEM-BELL" label, indicating that the radio was marketed in Belgium. The coil holder also bears a hand-written serial number. The back panel has texts in Dutch and French and the station names on the tuning scale are in French.
The original price was BFr 1975,-.
In the night between January 16 and 17, 1934, a major redistribution of wavelengths was carried out in Europe, on the orders of the International Radio Conference. Stations that were previously interfering with each other were realigned. Wavelengths were also, as the newspapers wrote, "divided into segments of 9 kilocycles, so that the stations neatly lie next to each other, each in his own aether channel". From then on, more and more radios were equipped with scales with printed station names.
 Data Valves  
Serial number: 4112
Number produced: unknown
Dimensions (w x b x d): 40 38 24.5 cm
Made in: 1934
Purchased in: 2015
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What was broadcast in 1934?


Listen to "I Only Have Eyes For You", sung by Jack Plant, accompanied by the orchestra of George "Scott" Wood, recorded December 3, 1934

Back with back panel
The text on the back is bilingual (Dutch and French).
The type- and serial number are stamped on the back of the chassis.
Under-chassis view
SBR-SEM-BELL Licence label
Coil holder with licence label and written serial number.

Advertisement in newspaper "Le Soir", December 2, 1934

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