Four-circuit TRF receiver
For reception of medium and long wave. Walnut veneered wooden cabinet, with black feet, Bakelite "rising sun" ornament around the loudspeaker, and Bakelite station scale surrounds. Made by Van der Heem & Bloemsma, The Hague. Designed by Otto van Tussenbroek. Date stamp on the capacitor block: August 29th, 1933.
Most of the control knobs are located on the left and right side of the radio. On the left the on/off/volume control and the wave length switch, on the right the tuning knob. Tone control, a selectivity switch and connections for an extra loudspeaker and a gramophone are situated at the rear of the radio. The left pane shows the long wave bands, the right one shows the medium wave bands. Depending on the position of the wave length switch, one of the two scale windows is illuminated. The receiver has an electrodynamic loudspeaker. Output power: 5 Watts.
The radio has a band-pass filter and automatic volume/fading control.
The original price of the radio was f 220,-
The KY130 came along with the more popular model KY126. The KY130 was mentioned in advertisements for the KY126, but there were no separate ads for this radio. The consumer prices of both receivers, f 142,50 and f 220,-, correspond exactly with those for the Philips 834A and the Philips 634A, introduced in the same year.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 1221
Produced: 1100
Dimensions: 50 41 26 cm
Made in: 1933
Purchased in: 2012

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User manual (in Dutch)

What was broadcast in 1933?


Listen to "Alabama Swing" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded in the Phohi-studio, Hilversum, beginning of August 1933

Back with back panel
Back, with view of the chassis
Under-chassis view
Picture from a product leaflet

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