Four valve battery receiver

In an oak cabinet with double doors. The doors have inner frames made of coromandel wood. Made by Van der Heem & Bloemsma in The Hague.

The radio is a K.L.m. The small letter "m" means "met deurtjes" (with doors). The same radio was also available without doors: the K.L.z. (see pictures below) The K.L. was introduced together with the A.C. radio K.W.S. at the Jaarbeurs Trade Fair in Utrecht, held from February 27th until March 1st, 1928.
The first advertisement for this radio appeared in Radio Expres on March 23rd of that year. An earlier version of the radio had a different front (smaller tuning knobs with arrows and a white scale).
Data Valves  
Serial number: 45056
Produced: 400
Dimensions: 24 54 30,5 cm
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2008
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Circuit spreadsheet with switching functions

Scan of the original user manual


What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "Do the Sugar Step with me", by The Picadilly Players, recorded May 30, 1928

Cabinet with closed doors

Top view
A look inside. In the middle the A442. On the right, from top to bottom: B405, A415, A425. In the aluminium tins: primary and secondary coils. The radio uses anode detection.


Technician's initials on the bottom of the radio

Wax seal with cabinet number

Advertisement for an older version of the radio in in Radio Expres                             

Illustration from an Erres folder

Illustrations from the original user guide

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