Portable TRF battery receiver

Wooden cabinet, covered with black leatherette. Leather carrying handle, brown Bakelite centrepiece and black Bakelite knobs. The radio has four valves. The receiver has a swivel base and is equipped with two built-in frame aerials. The tuning knob has an internal wavelength scale. For medium wave and long wave reception.

The knobs from left to right: wavelength switch (MW/LW/off), tuning, volume control.
In the left hand side are connections for antenna and earth, on the right is a connection for a set of headphones and a switch to turn off the loudspeaker.
The cabinet has room for a HT battery and a 2 volt accumulator.

The MW and LW aerials are switched separately between grid and filament of the HF valve, which is transformer coupled to the grid-leak detector. The detector is resistance-capacity coupled to the first LF valve. The LF valve is transformer-coupled to the power valve. Bias for the HF and LF valves is developed across two resistors in the HT negative line.

Power consumption: HT, 7 mA, LT, 0.5A.
Data Valves
Serial number:  
Dimensions (whd): 29  26  18.5 cm
Made in: 1937
Purchased in: 2014
Voltages: 2 / 90 Volts
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What was broadcast in 1937?


Listen to "You can't stop me from dreaming" by the orchestra of George Elrick, sung by Georg Elrick, recorded on October 14, 1937

A look inside
The battery and the accumulator take up much space. The two 2 volts accumulators are placed on the left. The 90 volts anode battery is a replica. Appropriate batteries are the Exide Drydex H1146 and the EverReady Portable 61 used here. The accumulators turn out to fit exactly between the slats provided. The anode battery is held in place between a fixed ruler on the back panel, and a rubber plate that is fixed on the back of the speaker.
Top view of the chassis
Bottom view of the chassis
Picture from the 1937-1938 Ekco product catalogue
Tuning dial

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