Récepteur à six lampes
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Six lamp battery radio made around 1923 (originally 6 × TM)
Made by P. Cadène, constructeur, 58 bis, Bd. Sergt. Triaire, Nîmes, France. Probably a small maker, who sold his radios in Nîmes and the surrounding areas. The coils on the front are made by Gamma; the coil on top is by Vulco. Condensers and resistors are marked "Wireless". The radio has three l.f. transformers, three rheostats, a switch to select a tapping point of the aperiodic coil, and switches to select the number of output valves. Primary and secondary tuning capacitors have fine tuning. In the front two connecting points for a loudspeaker or a headset. The radio's front and top panel are made of ebonite. Sides, bottom and back are made of wood. The radio was extensively restored.
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Dimensions (w×h×d): 58.6 × 20.3 × 18.2  cm
Made in: ±1923
Purchased in: 2006
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