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Superheterodyne receiver
Material: creme painted wooden frame and glass panels with yellow, black and mirorised decorations on the front, the top and the sides. It has a double tuning scale, one for short wave/long wave and one for medium wave. Both scales are illuminated by a pilot lamp.
The radio was made by Art Luxe et Technique, a company that specialised in making coloured mirror decorations ("miroiterie"). On the Paris Fair of 1947, the designs of A.L.T. won a silver medal. They were advertised with the slogan: "Le chic de Paris".
Inside, at the top and on the side walls, asbestos plates are attached to protect the glass from the heat of the valves.
The radio receives 3 wave bands. Short wave: 16-51 meters, medium mave: 190-565 meters and long wave: 995-2000 meters.
Dark brown models were also made.
Data                                                                               Valves
Serial number: 1345
Dimensions (w×h×d): 31 × 21 × 17 cm
Made in: 1947/1948
Purchased in: 2017
Voltages: 110-130 volts = and ~
Weight: 4.9 kilos

What was broadcast in 1948?


Listen to "Paris Monte-Carlo" by Bernard Peiffer and André Persiany on piano, recorded in Paris in 1948.

Back with back panel removed
Side view of the radio

Top view of the chassis

Under-chassis view
Advertisement for two models, the E500 and the C500, made by Art Luxe et Technique in 1947

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