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On the 7th of August, 1915, N.V. Nederlandsche Instrumentenfabriek Waldorp was founded in The Hague. It is stated in the memorandum of association that it is the continuation of the activities of F. Onland (N.V. Instrumentenfabriek F. Onland van den Kastele & Co.). It can be assumed that the name of the new organisation was derived from the name of the street where the company was located (Waldorpstraat 278 in The Hague).
In the beginning the company mainly made instruments, but starting in 1923, radios and radio components are made as well. On the 5th of December 1930, Waldorp started a special firm for these activities: N.V. Waldorp Radio.
R. van Romunde is the first managing director; in 1940, R. Friedheim becomes the second managing director.

In the late 20s and the early 30s, Waldorp makes radios for Larsen de Breij (Crystalphone) and Haagsche Radio Onderneming HARO (Harophone). At the end of 1929 Waldorp introduces the Block System (power block, high frequency block and valve block).Together with an LF transformer and two tuning condensers, a complete radio could be made. In 1931 Waldorp produces radios with the brand name Magnavox and in that same year Waldorp Radio first used the name Waldorp for its own radios, and the company becomes a very important radio maker in the Netherlands. If one looks at the number of receivers turned in during World War II in 1943, Waldorp is the fourth radio producer (with a market share of 3%), after Philips (48%), Erres (7%) and NSF (3.5%).

Since 1937, Waldorp receivers are no longer based on own designs, but on Philips chassis, housed in a Waldorp cabinet. Until 1942, Waldorp issues more than 150 different models.

After WWII Waldorp Radio starts selling other household utensils like heaters, irons and vacuum cleaners. In 1947 these activities are registered in the trade register. In 1950, Waldorp formally ads the trademark "Fridor", but already since 1949, radios are produced, using the name Fridor, or Waldorp-Fridor. There may be a connection between the name Fridor and the aforementioned German-born R. Friedheim, who was granted Dutch citizenship in 1948.
In 1951 the name N.V. Waldorp Radio was changed in "N.V. Fridor Fabrieken". Almost certainly this is due to the sale or transfer of company shares. After that, the trademark "Fridor" is used for all radios produced.
The original company, the N.V. Nederlandsche Instrumentenfabriek Waldorp, experiences financial problems a few years later, and in the beginning of 1954 the district court in the Hague declares bankruptcy. N.V. Fridor Fabrieken manages to continue and starts a special sales organisation, N.V. Fridor Verkoopmaatschappij. The activities focus mainly on trading in electrical and mechanical devices. Business does not develop as planned and in 1957 bankruptcy is also declared for Fridor Fabrieken, thus ending the activities of Fridor Verkoopmaatschappij as well.
The bankrupt company and its trading name are handed over to Australian William Ross Wright, who founds Fridor Handelmaatschappij N.V. in 1958, aiming to "buy and sell, import and export electrical and mechanical devices". This company was still active in 1968. In that year a new deputy manager was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague.
Many thanks to Gidi Verheijen for this text, based on extensive research in the Chamber of Commerce trade register in The Hague.

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