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United Engine Co. of Lansing, Michigan never built any engines. Instead, they sold engines built by other engine manufacturers. Many of the engines sold by United came out of the Associated factory in Iowa. Their customers were mainly farmers. They sold machines like pumps, milking machines and other multi-purpose engines used for farming. An example of a machine like that is the A013 on the left. Apparently they also made (or at least sold) radios in the nineteen twenties and the early nineteen thirties. Like the engines they sold, the radios were also made by another factory. In Radio Collectors Guide, 1921-1932; Revised Edition, 1981, Wilcox Laboratories in Charlotte, Michigan is mentioned.

Wilcox started making amateur radio equipment in the late 1910's and branched into the manufacture of consumer radio products in the late 20's. This proved to be a growth market and their 30's models are some of the more common radios from that time. In the late 30's they introduced the Recordio instant record cutters both for consumer use and also in the form of record cutting booths that were installed in stores. In WWII the company started the manufacture of tubes and radio transmitters for the US Army and immediately after the war they started selling transmitters for small radio stations and modulators for larger transmitters. In the early 50's they were one of the pioneers of television manufacturing; did take part in the testing of colour broadcasts and were one of the few USA manufacturers that built their colour TV sets from the ground up. In the end they had financial problems and had to close in 1960.

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