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In 1920 Edward E. Rosen founded a company that started manufacturing headphones. The company chaged its address twice because of expansion of activities, and in 1925 Ultra Electric Ltd. was established. In that year, the product range included loudspeakers, pickups, battery eliminators, voltage devices and a portable receiver.
E.H. Munnion, who worked at Marconiphone, became the chief radio designer at Ultra after the takeover of Marconophone by His Master's Voice in 1929. The company now focuses on the middle segment of the market.
Ultra growed steadily and in 1930, 250 workers were employed.
The first AC receiver was made in 1931. The company made most of the radio components themselves and introduced receivers with exotic names like "Panther", "Lynx" and "Tiger".
In 1935 the company employed 1,500 workers and produced 1,000 radio's per day.
Like many British companies during WWII, Ultra switched to war production. Only the "Ultility Set" was made, a simple radio, which, like the German "Volksempfanger" was produced by several radio factories.
In 1947 Ultra started again with the production of consumer goods (initially television sets), and in 1950 they indroduced the popular "Twin Ultra" radio.
Ultra enjoyed strong growth in the 50s and took over "Pilot Radio" in 1959. In 1960, the company was split into a company for electronics and a company for the manufacture of receivers. The acquisition of Pilot, and declining consumer spending were too big a burden for Ultra and they found it difficult to survive. In 1961 it was acquired by Thorn. Rosen retired the same year. The company continued to make radios and televisions until 1973.
In 1974 the ever-growing Japanese imports were too big and brand Ultra disappeared completely .

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