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Stewart-Warner Corp. was founded in Chicago in 1905. The name was then Stewart and Clark Co. and the company made car parts, particularly speedometers. In 1912 the company merged with the Alemite Co. and with Warner Instrument Co. The company emerged as Stewart-Warner Speedometer Corp. Later, the name was changed to Stewart Warner Instrument Co. The firm had a huge factory on Diversey Parkway in Chicago.
In 1925 they began manufacturing radios. To support its radio peoducts, the O & T Tube Factory in New York was bought, the original creators of Silvertone tubes. However, this branch was not very successful. The production of radios went a lot better.
After a conflict with RCA over patent infringement, the company started with a RCA license in 1927.
Occasionally the company suffered from overproduction and excess business inventories were sold at low prices. However, losses were offset by good current production of auto parts.
In addition to radios, televisions and auto parts, Stewart-Warner also made refrigerators for a while.
The company still makes auto parts as part of Maxima Technologies; radio production ceased in 1954.

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