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In 1910 George Seibt founds a factory for the production of electrical and mechanical equipment in Berlin-Schöneberg.  In 1915 this factory produces the first radio valves for military use. From 1923 onward radios are being produced. In the beginning of 1933 production of Volksempfänger starts. The radio are produced not only by Seibt, but by a number of other factories as well. In the beginning Seibt's Otto Griessing was the man behind the development of the Volksempfänger. Later Seibt also makes the DKE (Deutscher Kleinempfänger or Small German Receiver).

In 1939/1940 the factory stops making radios. During the war the factory only produces for the war effort. After the war, in 1950, the factory is closed. Production continues for a while in the G.D.R., where a small number of radios is being made, until in 1953 this factory also closes.



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