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On October 4, 1922,  was established with an office and workshop at the Egmontstraat 4 in Brussels. The company formed by the merger of two existing radio companies: SIB (Société Indépendante Belge de télégraphie sans fil) and SNR (Société Nationale Radio-électrique ). One of the first products of the new company was a modular system, inherited from the SIB. The receiver consisted of multiple units that could be connected by connecting strips and wires. Many combinations were possible with this device and therefore it was named Radio Puzzle. The Radio Puzzle consisted of a receiver module with a loop antenna, a detector module, a high-frequency module, and finally, a low frequency module with a pair of headphones. An additional module to operate a Morse writer was also available .
In order to boost sale of radios, SBR founded Radio-Bruxelles in 1923, shortly thereafter renamed Radio Belgique. The station promoted itself as a state broadcasting station but aired only in French. It lasted until 1929 before the first Flemish broadcasts were made by Radio Belgique, although before that year, smaller stations did broadcast in Flemish.
In 1924, the new SBR plant located on the Ruisbroeksesteenweg 66 was openend in Uccle. The exhibition hall was on the Rue de Namur 30, Brussels. The headquarters remained at the same address. The first commercial radio named " Ondolina " stood at the beginning of multiple versions that differed little among themselves. The early version of the Ondolina had external tubes. The receiver was powered by batteries and the sound came from a separate speaker. The receiver worked according to the "straight" principle. Virtually all pre-war radios were called Ondolina.
Around 1927/28 came the "Super Ondolinas". Those were radios that used the superheterodyne principle. Around 1929/30 SBR marketed several radios with different prices and shapes. The cheapest units were called "Ondolinette", followed by the Ondolina and the Super Ondolinas. Also during this period the first AC powered radios and the first devices with a built-in speaker, such as the 331 and 351 were made.

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