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Société Coopérative La Radiophonie Belge; a cooperative association, was founded by Messrs Jacques Cantillon and Charles Verstraete in the year 1924. Both had worked for the merchant navy, Mr. Cantillon as deck officer and Mr. Verstraete as radio officer.

Catalogus uit het jaar 1934

Under the brand name Radiobe, a number of radios were made in the 1920s. For Radio-Phono (Le Magasin Noir & Blanc), 67, boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels the company made the crystal receiver "Le Canari" and the matching amplifier "Ténor".
In 1927 La Radiophonie Belge won a gold medal at the Liège radio fair.
The company was established at a number of addresses in Brussels during the course of its existence: rue de la Madelaine 15 with offices and factory in the rue van Helmont, 23. In the 30s 53, rue du Poinçon. After the war: rue de Woeringen, 9. There were branches in Antwerp, Ghent and Liège.
The company imported, among others, the brands Zenith, Varley, Bulgin, Dubilier, Firchow, LRB, Partridge, Perpetuum-Ebner and Plessey.
La Radiophonie existed until the nineties of the last century. They were mainly engaged in import activities.

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