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Radio-Tukker (founded by T.H. Tukker) began manufacturing and selling radios around 1926. The company was established at Achter de Waag in Gouda.

       The Bio-Sonora radiogram

A family member, J. A. Tukker, also sold Sonora radios in his shop in Gorinchem.

  The Tukker electrodynamic loudspeaker

Radio-Tukker used the brand name Sonora. The first device that was advertised was the THT Sonora 4, a four valve TRF receiver, which was presented in 1926. This Sonora receiver was further improved each year. In 1927 the company introduced the Solodyn-Sonora, a device with one-knob tuning, and at the Rotterdam Radio Exhibition in 1928, the Bio-Sonora was presented, a radio gramophone combination with a cabinet made of Slavonian oak (opposite right, on a picture from the magazine Radio Wereld, September 20, 1928). At the exhibition, Tukker also presented an electrodynamic loudspeaker with field excitation he developed himself, on which a Dutch patent was applied (photo left). In 1930, Radio-Tukker presented a number of AC radios: the Sonora four-valve AC radio with one-knob tuning and 6 watt power tube, a radio gramophone
combination with a 10 watt power tube, a smaller three-valve AC unit and a new Sonora electrodynamic loudspeaker.

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