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Société  Radialva was founded by Albert Véchambre in December 1927, at 43, rue Saint-Denis in Asnières. Later, the company moved to 1, rue J.J. Rousseau in Asnières.

Albert Véchambre in 1927

Radialva Super-Boum (1949)

In June 1930 Albert's brother Henri Véchambre joined the company, and the company name changed to Véchambre Frères. The production of radios started that year, initially with 10 employees. The first radio in that year was the B2, a three-valve receiver with indirectly heated tubes, soon followed by the B3 and B4, both equipped with 4 tubes.
In 1932 the first superheterodyne was made, the S6. In 1934 the first radio for AC/DC came on the market: the Radialvette.
Shortly before and after the war Radialva mainly produced small radios in attractive cabinets, made of of modern plastics. The Super-Groom, a small radio from 1939 with a large dial and a side-mounted loudspeaker, sold more than 100,000 copies. The Super-Boum from 1949 was a fine example of design using new types of plastic.
In 1951 Radialva started the manufacture of televisions and introduced the Fugue, a portable tube radio. The company remained active until the 80s of the last century.

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