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Pygmy is a trademark that was registered in 1932 by the SCIP (Société Centrale des Inventions Pratiques). The address is 31 Rue la Boétie, Paris 8th. From 1957, 5 and 7 Rue Ordener, Paris 18th and from 1961, 25 Rue du Landy, La Plaine Saint-Denis.

In the period 1932-1976 the company introduces a large number of radios, car radios, gramophones and televisions. The most productive period is 1950-1968. It is an inventive company that owns many patents.
SCIP is taken over by Compagnie Industrielle d'Applications Électroniques (CIATE) SA in 1976. CIATE went bankrupt in 1990.
The Pygmy brand continues to exist until 1987.

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