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On November 1st, 1923 Hermann Mende and Rudolf Müller, start Radio H. Mende & Co. (GmbH) in Dresden. The company produces  electrical items made from pressed material but not long afterwards also "detection- receivers".

In 1925 the company is one of the biggest in its field in Germany, with over 3000 workers. In this year 2000 radios were produced.

Interesting is "System Günther". Ulrich Günther came from Koch & Sterzel, Dresden, where he registered patent DRP 414018 in 1924 with the title "Audionempfänger mit gleichbleibender Dämpfung". (Audio receivers with invariable attenuation)

In 1931 Mende already build 111.000 radios. In 1932 Mende takes over the radio department of Koch & Sterzel.

The models of the series "Weltklasse" are state of the art in 1933.

These models offer very good  reception of short wave frequencies.

In 1937 Mende celebrates the one millionth radio since its foundation. In that year alone 200.000 receivers were sold. Almost all components were made in the Mende factories.

In 1938 every third 2-circuit, 3 valve radio in Germany is a Mende. The yearly production rises to 250.000 receivers.

In June 1945 the Russians dismantle the factory and transport everything to the Soviet Union.

After the war Mende continues production in Bremen under the name Nordmende.

In the DDR the company continues under the name VEB Funkwerk Dresden (FWD).

Advertising leaflet 1938/1939

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