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Johnson & Phillips Ltd. was founded in 1875. The company started as a cable factory "Victoria Works" in Charlton in South East London. In addition to cables and switchgear for high voltages, the company also made machines for making cables and equipment in the field of telegraphy and telephony.
Walter Claude Johnson
Samuel Edmund Phillips
After the death of Phillips in 1893, Johnson took over the management of the company. Due to the increasing number of electrical applications around the turn of the century, the company grew strongly.
During the First World War Johnson & Phillips, among others, made the Mark III* Short Wave Tuner developed by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company.
After WWI, the company started setting up distribution networks for electricity in England.
In 1944 the company was active in the construction of the "Pluto" pipeline to France, which was used for the supply of petrol to the Allied troops.
The company was taken over several times, but still exists.

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