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Grundig AG is a German manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment. Max Grundig established the company in Nuremberg in 1945, shortly after World War II.
The history of the company began in 1930 with the establishment of a store named Fürth, Grundig & Wurzer (RVF), which sold radios.
After World War II Max Grundig recognized the need in Germany for radios and in 1947 produced a kit, while a factory and administration centre were under construction at Fürth. In 1951 the first televisions were manufactured at the new facility with the company and the surrounding area growing rapidly. At the time Grundig was the largest radio manufacturer in Europe. Divisions in Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe were set up. In 1960 tape recorders were manufactured in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the first production by Grundig outside Germany.
In 1972, Grundig GmbH became Grundig AG. After this Philips began to gradually accumulate shares in the company over the course of many years until assuming complete control in 1993. Philips resold it to a Bavarian consortium in 1998 due to unsatisfactory performance.
Grundig AG declared bankruptcy in 2003, the company divisions were taken over by other firms.

Max Grundig and his Heinzelmann radio kit, developed shortly after WW2.

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