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Emud is short for Ernst Mästling Ulm/Donau. The firm was founded in 1911 by Ernst Mästling as "Mech. Werkstätte Ernst Mästling" (later Ernst Mästling, Radio-Apparatebau) and started producing radios in 1923. The company is one of the three oldest radio makers in Germany. Emud specialised in cheap radios. Already in 1931 Mästling made a radio with the name "Volksempfänger". After Hitler's takeover in 1933 more then 15,000 Emud Volksempfängers were made.
After the Second World War the factory was in ruins, but shortly afterwards Emud started contracting new workers, and production started anew. When the firm celebrated their 40th anniversary in 1951, the slogan was "König der Einkreiser - Meister der Super, 1911-1951" (King of TRF - Master of the Supers). In 1954 new production facilities were build. Emud made almost everything in their own factories: loudspeakers, and cabinets for radios, television sets and gramophone players. In 1956 the factory made its one millionth product. Ernst Mästling is then 80 years old; the firm employs 600 workers and export to 35 countries reaches 25% of total sales. Unfortunately in later years too much emphasis is put on export to the USA. This fact, and unwillingness to cooperate with other producers leads to a closure in 1972.

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