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Curry's began in Leicester in 1888 as a bicycle shop and, in the cycling boom of the 1890s, manufactured and sold bicycles. When its founder, Henry Curry, retired in 1910, his sons carried on the business - a partnership formed in 1897 as H Curry & Sons - and expanded it greatly. It ceased to manufacture, but developed into a nationwide chain of shops selling cycles, radios, gramophones, baby carriages, toys, and sporting goods, and became a public company in 1927. The second and third generations of the Curry family continued to manage it until a takeover by Dixons in 1984. By that time the company had ceased to deal in cycles and sporting goods, but had become one of the leading retailers of domestic electric appliances of all kinds.

Henry Curry

A Curry shop in 1903 A Curry shop in the thirties
Curry's sold radios by other established manufacturers. In 1925 it started retailing cheap "Westminster" or "Westminster Radio" branded receivers. This enabled Curry's to keep some of the manufacturing profit that would otherwise have gone to the real manufacturer. Many of these radios were made by Plessey. The brand name "Curry's" still exists; the company is owned by DSGi, that also owns Dixons and PCWorld.

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