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The Columbia Graphophone Company was one of the earliest gramophone companies in the United Kingdom. It started at the beginning of the 20th century, as a subsidiary of the American company Columbia Phonograph, founded in 1888. It manufactured and sold gramophones and gramophone records.

The first offices were at City Road in London. In 1913 the company moved to 102-108 Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C. 1, later called Columbia House.
In 1923, American Columbia Phonograph went into receivership and was bought by its British subsidiary in 1925. On November 30, 1931, Columbia Graphophone Co. merged with its arch-rival The Gramophone Co. to form the legendary British company EMI (Electric and Musical Industries).
From the middle of the twenties until about 1936 the company also produced radios and radio-gramophones using the brand name "Columbia Radio". Radios from the year 1931 upwards were made by Marconi.
Columbia Graphophone Company showroom, 102-108, Clerkenwell Road, London, 1931.

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