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Colonial Radio Corp. was founded in 1924 by Dr. Fulton Cutting and Bowden Washington of Cutting & Washington Radio Corporation, Minneapolis, founded in 1922. Cutting & Washington, which made receivers and transmitters for the Government services, and for steamship lines to use in ship-to-shore radio telegraph communication, was summoned by Westinghouse because of  infringement of its Armstrong wireless patents, and the company went bankrupt in August 1924.
In September, they opened a new business in Long Island, New York under the name Colonial Radio Corporation. The company had two locations: East Avenue and Tenth Street in Long Island.
In November 1925 the company had 200 workers and had finished quite a few radios for the Chicago Radio Show.
Colonial soon outgrew its original plant and moved into a new five-story building at Long Island City. By 1929 the company had outgrown this plant as well. Its sales and engineering departments had expanded greatly, and from less than one hundred employees in 1924, the organization had increased to more than five hundred employees.
In February 1930, Colonial took over Valley Appliances in Rochester, New York and in October 1930, King Radio in Buffalo. In that year its headquarters were also moved to 254 Rano Street, Buffalo, New York.
Starting in 1931, many Colonial products made for other companies, such as Sears, Roebuck & Company, Graybar Electric, Firestone, Goodyear, General Motors, Chrysler and Dunlop. The company had 855 employees in 1931. The production figures increased from 40,000 units in 1930 to 150,600 in 1934. Six years later, in 1940, Colonial had 1762 employees and 631,000 radios were made.
Colonial accepted its first military production contract late in 1940 and started production of military communications equipment in 1941. For a while, this work was carried on along with the production of civilian sets, but in April 1942, the company converted its facilities to 100 per cent military production.
In 1944 Sylvania Electric bought Colonial.


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