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The company was founded in 1931, from the remains of the “Amplion” company, makers of some very beautiful horn loudspeakers. The premises of the company were initially located in Woodger Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, the location giving rise to the company's name. In 1937/1937 they moved to Chestwick. Bush Radio started trading in 1932 as a subsidiary to the Gaumont British Picture Corporation, which believed the Cinema industry was going to be associated with Television in a big way and that the best way into TV was through Radio. In 1945 Bush passed into the hands of the Rank Organisation and became one of the major British radio manufacturers, producing a wide range of sets. In 1962 Bush merged with the ailing Murphy Radio following a successful takeover bid by Rank: this eventually forming Rank Bush Murphy, or RBM for short. The Bush brand almost completely disappeared during the eighties. Retail organisation Argos bought and still uses the brand name Bush.
Bush introduced the idea of series-heater valves in a chassis that could readily be adapted for either AC or  AC/DC operation in the late '30s and early '40s but the idea got really into its stride just after the war. The great advantage from the manufacturing point of view was that all that had to be done to make an
AC/DC set into a nominally AC-only set was the substitution of a small auto-transformer for the dropper and a small alteration to the dial lamp wiring. The auto-transformer was no bigger than a standard output transformer and obviously much cheaper to make than a standard mains transformer.
With the advent of portable transistor receivers, Bush were under serious competitive pressure to develop a successful range themselves, which they achieved in 1959 with launch of the TR82 series of transistor radios. Once more, Bush received critical acclaim from the radio buying public, and especially from teenagers who were now proving to be a serious force in the portable transistor market. Launched in 1966, the next design classic created by Bush was the TR130 Radio. The TR82 and the TR130 both mark a definitive period in British radio history.

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