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British Thomson-Houston (BTH) was a British engineering and industrial company based in Rugby, Warwickshire, England and founded in 1894 as a subsidiary of General Electric Company (GE) of Schenectady, New York, USA. Before that the company was called Laing, Wharton and Down Construction Syndicate.
They were especially known for their electrical systems and steam turbines. Around 1920 they started making radios, loudspeakers, headphones, amplifiers, radio lamps (under our own brand name and the Mazda brand) and parts. In 1922 BTH was one of the six founders of the BBC. Radio production stopped after 1929.
BTH was taken into British ownership and merged in 1928 with the similar company of Metropolitan-Vickers to form Associated Electrical Industries (AEI). The two brand identities were maintained until 1960. The holding company AEI was later merged with GEC. Part of it still exists today as Marconi Corporation.
The Britisch Thompson Houston factory on an old photograph

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