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A.J.S. choke unit (1925)

Harry Stevens

A.J.S. was established in 1914 as a continuation of the Stevens Motor Manufacturing Co. founded in 1899. Since 1856 the Stevens family had a forge. The company was known primarily as a maker of motorcycles and later automobiles. The letters A.J.S. were the initials of the founder, Albert John Stevens. The company was located at Walsall Street in Wolverhampton.
In 1923, the brother of Albert Stevens, Harry Stevens, began a new department called AJS Wireless and Scientific Instruments. This branch began producing luxurious radios, loudspeakers and components.
Specialty of the company was the choke coil coupler, a unit that was made in three versions:
  • the choke only,
  • A choke unit for the first stage of intervalve coupling. This unit comprises the choke by-pass and coupling condensers, and grid leak (see picture left),
  • A choke unit for the second and subsequent stages of intervalve coupling, with coupling condenser and grid leak.
On July 10, 1925 a fire destroyed a large part of the production facilities of the radio department. The buildings were re-built in a record time of six weeks and on September 10 of that year AJS opened a prestigious showroom in London at Charing Cross 122-124.
In 1926 A.J.S. introduced their first superheterodyne, the Symphony Seven.
Unfortunately A.J.S. could no longer keep up with competition and the new technical developments; the company stopped making radios in 1928. The production of radios was taken over by Symphony Gramophone & Radio Company Limited. In 1930 this factory also stopped.

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