Loudspeaker cabinet for electrodynamic loudspeaker
The cabinet is made of solid oak wood, partly veneered, with blackened wooden ornaments. The design of the cabinet is clearly linked to music. It has the shape of a string instrument and the loudspeaker grille is formed by seven stylised wooden organ pipes.
"Philomela" is the name of an organ stop. In the Greek myth, Philomela, princess of Athens, was raped by Tereus, husband of her sister Procne. The gods changed Philomela into a nightingale.
The cabinet was probably made in the Netherlands by Van Houten & Co., Hooidrift 167-169, Rotterdam, and could be fitted with a Baker Selhurst moving coil speaker  According to an ad, other speakers could also be built in. Advertisements show the cabinet without front and side panels. The panels are original and were probably added in later versions to give more stability.
The speaker itself was missing. Currently, a well-fitting 30 cm (12 inch) BTH Rice-Kellogg electrodynamic loudspeaker from around 1928 is installed.
The loudspeaker cabinet must have been intended for a large space, like a theatre, a ballroom or a pub.
On a plate under the speaker grill is the text "W. Wittkampf, Zutphen". Willem Wittkampf sr was a descendant of the well-known Schiedam genever family. He owned a garage and an organ company in Zutphen, at Nieuwstad 59-61 and Basseroord (then Baggeroord) 11-13. He was the father of writer and journalist Willem Wittkampf (1924-1992).
Data loudspeaker cabinet
Made in: 1929
Purchased in: 2013
Dimensions (h x b x d): 117.5 x 59 x 40 cm
Loudspeaker data
Maker: British Thomson Houston Co. Ltd, Rugby, England
Type: RK (Rice-Kellogg) 12 inch Loud Speaker
Voltage: 200-250 volts
Transformer: BTH 25:1
Serial number: D 3783
Weight (speaker + trafo) 11.8 kg


What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "To be in love" by Alfredo and His Band, sung by Eddie Collins, recorded in December 1929

The electrodynamic British Thomson Houston RK (Rice-Kellogg) Loud Speaker

The back of the cabinet. It now has a Hegra 31 cm magnetodynamic loudspeaker
Advertisement in Radio Expres, March 29, 1929
Advertisement in Radio Expres,  September 20, 1929

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