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Early three valve radio receiver
Build around 1922, consisting of a receiver tuner (RA) and a detector amplifier (DA) unit in a single elegant mahogany case and two ebonite front plates.
Radio World, April 15th, 1922
The RC is a regenerative receiver that tunes what was then called the "shortwave" band but what is essentially today's AM broadcast band. Tuning Range is 180 to 700 meters.
From 1920 to 1923, 80,000 to 85,000 were sold. The RC circuit was designed by Westinghouse engineers Frank Conrad and Donald Little in 1919. Conrad was the man behind KDKA, the first licensed broadcast station, that began intermittent operations in 1916 as 8XK.
The RA and DA went into production in late 1920 after beta testing aboard New York City's tugboat fleet.
The original price was $125,-
Tuning works as follows: first, the operator must choose the desired level of amplification: detector, 1-stage of amplification, or 2-stages of amplification, by selecting the appropriate 1/4" jack. For headphone use, DET or 1 STAGE has to be selected. For speaker use, 1 STAGE or 2 STAGES must be selected.
The RC is powered up by advancing the DET FIL RHEO control to the 1/2 position; the AMP FIL RHEO is turned on to about the 1/4 position if using 1 STAGE or 2 STAGES. The TICKLER (actually the regeneration control) is turned to MIN and then advanced counter clockwise until during tuning a hum or distorted signal is heard; now back off 1/2 or more clicks (clockwise) until the signal is clarified. Now, fine tuning with the TUNER and VERNIER controls is accomplished.
Data Valves
Serial number: 71062 (Receiving tuner)  95816 (Detector amplifier)
Dimensions (whd): 34 24,5  21 cm
Made in: 1922
Purchased in: 2005
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What was broadcast in 1922?


Listen to "Blue" by Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra, recorded July 1922

Type plates
Top (closed)
Top with valve compartment
Photo from the original manual of the Westinghouse RC Westinghouse RC with Amplion Dragon AR111

Station 3ADT 1923; operator is David Asbury Behind his back, a Westinghouse RC.

Equipment of ham radio station 8BNY (circa 1922). In the center of the picture: a Westinghouse RC.
Advertisement in Radio News, April 1921

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